Teens, 16 and 14, charged with Covington murder

Dre'Shawn Hammond (Source: R.I.P. DRE Hammond Facebook Page)
Dre'Shawn Hammond (Source: R.I.P. DRE Hammond Facebook Page)

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Two teenagers have been arrested and charged with murder for the death of Dre'Shawn Hammond, 16, of Latonia.

Covington Police discovered Hammond's body Saturday on a wooded trail off Muse Drive, behind the City Heights Housing Complex. Police say he had been shot multiple times.

Police can say very little about the case this early in their investigation. There is no word yet on when the two teenagers will be arraigned, so they'll remain in the Northern Kentucky Juvenile Justice Center in Newport.

But Dre'Shawn's younger brother talked with FOX19 briefly Monday night. He called crying and upset, saying he looked up to his older brother and was sad that Dre'Shawn is gone at only 16-years-old.

A Facebook page called 'RIP Dre Hammond' was started late Monday afternoon and has been blowing-up with comments.

"Taken too young" are just some of the words left by mourning friends.

"Yeah, real nice kid," said friend Jakeith Pitts. "He didn't mess with anyone, never started anything, loved to have fun."

Pitts said Dre began to lose focus a few years back.

"When his mom passed, he tended to start, he got into a lot of trouble," Pitts explained. "Because he really didn't have someone to push him and kind of started turning the wrong ways and stuff."

Pitts said Dre increasingly missed school and was falling under some bad influences.

"His mom was his only discipline," Pitts said. "That kept him in-check and kept him focused and stuff, him and his brother."

Pitts used to live at the City Heights Housing Complex, near the trail where Dre's body was found around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

"He was found dead of multiple gunshots," said Covington Police Captain Teal Nally.

Pitts remembers the trail as being dangerous.

"Scary," he said. "Very scary. You look everywhere, you hear things, you want to run."

"The victim and the suspects are all juveniles in this case," Captain Nally said.

Their investigation led to the arrests of a 14 and 16 year old. Both teens are charged with murder and police believe there is no one else involved, at this point, in Dre's killing.

"Everybody that's involved in this case we do believe we have under arrest," Captain Nally said.

"A lot of kids, they're just saying, they want to turn their lives around," Pitts said. "A lot of my friends are telling me, if they don't turn their life around, their gonna end-up like him and I don't want any of that happening to any more of my friends."

Pitts said money may be the motivation for Dre's murder.

"That's just stupid. Just over money take someone's life? That's not right," he said.

Because the teens are juveniles, police are not releasing any more information about who the suspects are or what the potential motive was, if any, for Dre'Shawn Hammond's killing.

Word on the street is Dre'Shawn won money in a dice game, money police said, somebody was willing to kill for.

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