Casino scheduled for completion in early 2013

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Casino construction is on schedule after the workers first week back on site.

Construction restarted last Monday after a 31-day delay as Governor John Kasich negotiated to get more tax revenue for the state.

Casino developers say the number of construction workers is only going to increase as plans move forward to build Cincinnati's first casino.

The sounds of a construction site are signs of progress for pawn shop owner Leonard Weinstein.

Weinstein moved his business to Reading Road to be directly across the street from the casino.

"We were just a little concerned about when it stopped construction, so now we are a lot happier that things are starting to move on," said Weinstein.

With more than 40 years of experience, Weinstein says a lot of his customers are gamblers and in today's economy he is seeing a new type of person walk through the door.

"More and more middle class and upper class people are calling me in, calling me up, coming in and pawning merchandise," he said.

Once dubbed Kasich's crater, the 20 acre site is filling up with less than a dozen workers moving dirt, water and rubble.

The developer says the total project will employ 2,000 workers and at it's peak hit 400 workers on site.

But after a month long stand still, the final product will take longer to complete.

"The delay not only pushed back some of our orders, but it also ran us into the possibility of some bad winter months," said Steve Rosenthal with ROC Gaming.

Originally scheduled to open in fall of 2012, developers now say the project will be completed by spring 2013.

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