FBI searches St. Clair Township home

A newspaper in London is connecting a Butler County teenager to an international hacking scheme that landed a British teen behind bars.

Ryan Cleary, 19, from Britain is accused of launching cyber attacks from his London home against Britain's "Serious Organized Crime Agency", the U. K.'s version of the FBI.

He is suspected of being connected to the Lulz Security Hacking Collective, a group that recently targeted Sony, the CIA website, and the U.S. Senate computer system.

According to the paper, the group claims Cleary wound up in jail after two people snitched on him. The group says one of those people is a 19-year-old teenager living in Hamilton.

Cincinnati FBI spokesperson Michael Brooks confirmed to FOX19 news that a search warrant was executed at a home on Jackson Rd. in St. Clair Township, but he could not get into the details of that search. He also couldn't confirm if the teenager inside the home was linked to the international hacking scheme.

Brooks said no one was arrested at the home and agents were at the home for more than three hours.

The teenage boy at the center of the FBI's search is well know in the New Miami community and is described as a genius.

"He graduated when he was 16-years-old and already was a sophomore in college," said Shawn Morgan who graduated with the teenager in question. "He had his head on straight and was always good with computers and we'd always look to him for the answers."

We'll keep you updated on this story as soon as the FBI releases more information.

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