Cincinnati firefighters and Rumpke ignite summer learning

June 30, 2011 - Local high school students from Milford, Deer Park and Mt. Healthy are getting hands-on math and science lessons from Cincinnati firefighters and Rumpke.

As part of the Fire Logistics and Math Education (FLAME) program soon-to-be freshmen are getting out of the classroom and discovering the mathematics behind fighting fires.

14-year-old Robert Davis got to put on fire gear and train with a Cincinnati firefighter on how to hold a fire hose.

"Different nozzles can use different pressures amounts of waters and you have to stand a certain way," says Davis.

Davis is also learning that math is used in many careers everyday.

"Everybody uses it, uses it in everything that you do," says Davis.

15-year-old Tiesha Williams says there are lots of calculations and formulas when it comes to fighting a fire.

"You will need to know these things by the rate of how much water you need and how much length of the hose," says Williams.

Reaching out to the community and getting kids excited about math is why Rumpke and the Cincinnati Fire Department teamed up to offer the FLAME program.

"Fire safety is very important with our company, teaching this in the high school sends that same message to the community," says Larry Stone, Rumpke safety director.