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What is Balanced News?

Balanced News isn't just a promotional campaign, it's not some crafty marketing gimmick, it's a fundamental shift in the way we bring you your local news.

FOX19 is taking a two pronged approach to balancing your news, focusing on both story content and selection. 

First, our reporters and our anchors are not just reporting stories anymore; they are dissecting the stories so that they can present you with all of the sides, giving you a balanced view.

While all journalists strive for this, we are giving our anchors and reporters enough time in each newscast to make sure all sides are reported.

Scott Schneider's Reality Check, a segment in the FOX19 Ten O'clock News, where he dissects the topic of the day and provides viewers a clear view of all sides of the story. 

We are also balancing the content within our newscasts, we still report on the news of the day but we balance it by also reporting on stories that focus on what is working in our community.   

Reporting all sides and balancing our news, that is our promise to you.  If you ever feel that we've missed a side in one of our reports, we want to hear about it.  Email us, call us at (513) 421-0119, or post on our Facebook page so that we can gather the information we need to make sure we've reported on all sides of that story. 

After all you are the viewer, we report for you.

Balanced News is simply good journalism.

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