Ohio House passes bill that could re-classify vicious dogs

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MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A new law has been passed in the Ohio House that would change the definition of a vicious dog.

Currently, pit bulls fall under the umbrella of a vicious dog, but that could soon change.

Butler County Dog Warden Julie Holmes supports the bill and believes pit bulls should not be deemed vicious.

"It's not that they're anymore or less aggressive than any other breed of dog, there is just more numbers of them than any other breed of dog," said Holmes.

Middletown resident Josh Schlaht agrees with Holmes despite his five-year-old son being attacked by a pit bull earlier this week.

"I've always believed that it's not the dog that makes bad decisions, its the owner that makes bad decisions training them," said Schlaht.

So what does it mean when a dog is considered vicious?

Any pit bull out running loose, the owner can face a misdemeanor first degree, which could carry jail time. Any other dog running loose is a minor misdemeanor which results in a fine.

House Bill 14 still has to go to the Senate.

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