Fort Mitchell celebrates holiday with adopted soldiers

FORT MITCHELL, KY (FOX19) - This Fourth of July is a special one for the city of Fort Mitchell because this year they're celebrating with soldiers they've adopted.

Soldiers from a light infantry parachute unit out of Fort Bragg are in town being treated as some of them said like "rock stars."

"I couldn't go home to see my family so I get to see the other half of my family, you know? The people that support you, they are your family," said SSgt. Harry Dixon from New York.

That family is the Fort Mitchell adopt-a-unit residents and businesses that raise money for care packages to send their adopted sons in Bravo Company 2405, supporting them when they were deployed and even when they're at home in Fort Bragg.

"I love the cards personally. All the little kids ask you the funniest things. I love it. To me, it's the greatest thing," said Spec. Eric Authement.

This Fourth of July, soldiers have come to put a face with some of the names and meet some of the residents to say "thank you."

"We keep in touch via Facebook, emails and we keep these relationships. We have one gentleman--1 soldier--who came up last time and he came up this time that he felt so at home that he's come back to visit five times on his own," said Fort Mitchell resident Tiffanny Smith.

Soldiers say they feel a bond with Fort Mitchell. The city says they'll always be considered their sons, even when their careers take them other places.

"It's a great honor for us to come here and spend time with everyone because by the time you leave, everyone is family," said Authement.

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