Spectacular fireworks for an All-American Birthday Party

Thousands in the Tri-State celebrated our nation's 235th birthday on Monday.

From parades, to parties and of course fireworks, everyone seems to be in the holiday spirit, especially those who spent their day on the riverfront, at the All American Birthday Party at Sawyer Point.

They brought picnics and made an afternoon and evening of it so they could have the best seats in the house for a spectacular fireworks display, which almost didn't happen.

"Thanks to 5th-3rd, we actually can continue our family tradition," said Angel Wallace. She and her husband, Antonio, were at the celebration.

They almost canceled their family's 4th of July plans, but were psyched when they heard the bank ponied-up the $30,000 needed to pull-off this year's fireworks display.

Collin Seligman chomped on his own specialty - a bologna, potato chips and mayonnaise sandwich.

He grabbed a cool drink to wash it all down, as he and his family set-up camp to get the best spot to view the fireworks.

"That's good," said his mom Shelly Seligman, as she pointed the camera at her brood, to commemorate the day with a family photo.

There are celebrations on both sides of the river, from Newport to Cincinnati and all points around.

"We was just hoping to get a spot," Shelly Seligman said. "But as you can see we got lucky."

She was among the early birds, who jockeyed for a good position along the waterfront. It takes a lot of work to get set-up.

"It's pretty hard," laughed Antonio Wallace, as he struggled with a small tent his family had brought, to make a mosquito-free area, to watch the fireworks.

He motioned to his son and daughter, who were pulling the corners of the floor of the tent out, to make a full-square. It was a bit of a wrestling match, but finally success.

"We're gonna watch the fireworks," Angel Wallace said. "We picnicked, gonna have some snacks and we're just gonna have a good time."

Everyone wanted to watch the red, white and blue salute to our troops.

"Thank you for serving our country," said her daughter and son, Teasia and Terry Williams. "Thank you! thank you!," they both said to our troops.

"I hope they all come home soon and safe," Shelly Seligman offered her thoughts.

A woman on stilts and dressed in an silver, metallic outfit as Lady Liberty, welcomed folks to Sawyer Point.

"I'm really grateful to 5th-3rd Bank," said Army Sergeant First Class Joseph Byrnes, who was at the event, showing-off some military might in a hum-vee.

It's a bomb-proof vehicle, and the door alone weighs 800 pounds.

"Basically, we get 30 to 90-day orders putting us on-alert and once that happens, we notify our employers," Sergeant Byrnes said.

He was also thanking local employers who support the Guard and Reserve.

Three Cincinnati businesses were nominated for the "Above & Beyond Award."

"Which included, Appearance Plus Cleaners, General Electric and Top Shot," Sergeant Byrnes said. "Which is a local gun shop in New Town, Ohio."

Those businesses have also sent care packages to our soldiers overseas, taken care of the families while the soldiers are away, and have even paid their soldiers while they're deployed, so their families don't struggle.

Everyone was keeping the troops in mind, as they were saluted from the skies Monday night.

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