Contractor Cleans Up Mess

Greg Rump is ticked-off! Four weeks after paying a Hamilton business $2,500 bucks to replace a broken sewer line on the side of his home - the contractor still hasn't cleaned up his mess.

"He said he would be back two days later to clean this up," Rump told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

The contractor never showed. Instead - all Angie and Greg Rump got were excuses. "T

his last story we got was that the brakes went out on the truck he was supposed to use to pickup the concrete," said Angie.

Tired of coming home to the mess day after day - and feeling like they hit a brick wall - G

reg and Angie called FOX 19.

"I just feeling I'm fighting a losing battle and don't know what else to do," said Angie.

Lately - Greg and Angie say the contractor stopped answer their telephone calls. Figuring that the cunning contractor had caller ID - Sussi  told the Rumps to call again. But this time with his cell phone. It worked.

"I'm sitting here with Tom Sussi from FOX 19 News. I want to know if you can take care of this today and remove the concrete from my yard," Angie told the contractor over the telephone.

The contractor promised he would be out immediately and remove these chucks of concrete. Like the Rumps - he handed Sussi a bunch of excuses too. But backed down when Sussi reminded him the mess has been sitting there four weeks.

"The yard's a mess," Sussi told the contractor over the telephone. "They just want to get it cleaned up."

The following day - it was cleaned up. The scraps of PVC pipe. Slaps of concrete. Everything.

Because the contractor cooperated with FOX 19 - and finished the job - the company's name is not being disclosed.