Babysitter hailed as hero after saving 4-year-old from drowning

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - When the summer heats up, there aren't many things kids like more than to go swimming.  But the best way to cool off can also be incredibly dangerous if a child gets into trouble in the water.

In Sycamore Township on Sunday afternoon, that's exactly what happened.  4 year-old Robbie Bennett was in the care of his longtime babysitter, Bryanna Russell.  Bryanna's sister joined in when the two decided to take a dip in the Russell family's pool.  Robbie wore his life vest, and all was well.  Bryanna was no more than a few feet from Robbie and she turned to ask her sister if she was ready to get out of the pool.  When she looked back to ask Robbie if he wanted to get out, he was gone.

Bryanna grabbed the little boy from the bottom of the pool, and headed inside her house.  Though she was terrified, she managed to remain calm enough to call 911 and listen as the operator walked her through the steps to start CPR.

In the moments that Robbie was underwater, he swallowed a lot of water.  He began coughing and vomiting, and emergency personnel arrived.

They took over, gave him oxygen, and rushed him to Children's Hospital.

When Tammi Bennett found out her little guy had to be rushed to the emergency room, she raced to meet him there.

The doctors say Robbie will be just fine, and they praised Bryanna for being so quick to act.

Tammi calls Bryanna her hero, and says without her, Robbie may not be with them today.

Federal statistics show children ages 1-4 are most at risk for drowning.  Most drownings happen in residential pools, and most children who drown are out of an adult's sight for less than 5 minutes.  The best way to keep safe this summer is to make sure children are constantly supervised in the water, and to learn CPR.  Like Bryanna, you may save someone's life.

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