Jeff Ruby to expand Precinct

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local restaurateur Jeff Ruby has announced plans to expand his upscale steakhouse, the Precinct.

Ruby has owned the restaurant for 30 years, and says an expansion has been planned for quite some time.

The expansion will add 1,700 square feet to the building, serving as a public tavern.

"Jeff and I joke a lot but this is serious business. It means The Precinct is doing well," said Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. "It means the addition of jobs. It also means that our economy must be picking up. So, Jeff, I want to thank you for sending the signals to the rest of the Cincinnati area that times are getting better."

The addition will stay true to the building's turn of the century style. It was built in 1901.

The tavern is set to open this fall.

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