Clock is ticking for counties to validate SB5 signatures

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - It's a race against the clock for the Butler County Board of Elections.

"I been here six years, this is the largest amount of signatures I've seen from the state," said Nancy Piper, a staff member at the board of elections.
Their office received more than 22,000 signatures on petitions to repeal  the controversial Senate Bill 5; thousands marched in Columbus to deliver those signatures to the Secretary of State last month, now it's up to local jurisdictions like Butler County to validate each signature by July 18.
"We actually received more than we thought, at first we thought there would only be 800 or so packets, but there's 1500, so we're going to be busy," said Board of Elections Deputy Director Lynn Kinkaid.
In each packet, there's nearly 15 signatures, Kinkaid says 15 staff members will are working on overtime with a goal of completing  4500 signatures a day, to get the job done by the deadline.
"They're coming in a half an hour early and taking only a half and hour for lunch, so there's one hour, we're hoping they won't have to stay much later than 8:00 PM each evening,"Kinkaid said.
"We intend to be here, probably working 12  to 15 hour days for the next couple of weeks until we finish," Piper said.
Senate Bill 5 limits the collective bargaining rights of public employees such as, teachers and firefighters. Ohio only needs about 231,000 signatures to get the referendum on the ballot, 1.3 million signatures were delivered to the Secretary of State last month.

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