Cincinnati City Council focuses on Brent Spence Bridge

Being behind the wheel on the Brent Spence Bridge during rush hour can be some scary and dangerous stuff.

City leaders say they know the it's a bridge due for a major overhaul.

"We need to speak together as one voice, Cincinnati, Covington, and really the whole nation regarding the future of this bridge and getting it replaced," says Cincinnati city councilman Wayne Lippert.

Lippert and other city council members held an open, special meeting Thursday afternoon that put the Brent Spence in the spotlight.

The main topic: keeping drivers on the bridge safe.

Just last month, a man died after a vehicle hit him and sent him over the bridge into the Ohio River.

But getting the bridge updated and safe for everyone, has already had it's share of stalls. It could take decades to get through bureaucracy and funding issues.

"It's a process that's badly broken. It's a bureaucratic system. I think the exact phrase was that it really is a monument to government inefficiency," says councilman Chris Bortz.

Bortz has proposed a resolution for city council--one that would clearly state the Brent Spence Bridge project is the top priority for council leaders. He hopes that will help make the point to Uncle Sam--that this major artery has clogs that need to be fixed now, not later.

That resolution should be proposed at the council meeting on August 4th.

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