Lakota school board discusses levy options

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Lakota School District's more than $10 million in reductions this year has helped the district's short term financial situation but not for the long term.

District Treasurer Jenni Logan says a levy must be passed in November.

"We are afforded an opportunity for our community to have a millage amount that will be less costly," said Logan.

Logan presented several levy options including a 4.5 mill levy for November and a 6.5 mill levy for next year.

The 4.5 mill levy would mean about $137 for a $100,000 home each year. The 6.5 mill levy would mean $199 per household each year.

Both options are less than the 7.9 mill levy asked for last November.

"I just want to make sure that if they do that, if they're going to ask for a single dime from the public, they can show they're accounting for every penny in the first place," said Mark Etterling, parent.

If a levy passes district officials say it will get the district out of deficit spending, however it won't bring back bussing nor the 78-eliminated teachers that were part of the district's reduction plan.

"You're asking me to consider raising my tax dollars, we've increased class size, but you're telling me that your not giving me anything back for that," said Sandy Wheatley, parent. "In fact you are probably going to reduce more."

The district must make a final decision whether to put a levy on the November ballot in August.

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