New card and coin parking meters being installed downtown

Beginning this week, City of Cincinnati Parking Facilities employees are installing 1,400 meters around Downtown that will accept debit/credit cards, in addition to coins.

The "card & coin" meters accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as nickels, dimes, quarters and golden dollars. Debit/credit cards can be used in combination with coins, if a visitor prefers to use both.

"This keeps you from having to walk around with a roll of quarters in your pocket," Mayor Mark Mallory said. "It will make feeding your meter faster and more convenient, and actually decreases your chances of getting a parking ticket."

"Parking meters help our local economy by encouraging parking spots to turn over and open up to new customers. This lets more people shop, dine and play Downtown," said Patrick Ewing, Interim Economic Development Director for the City of Cincinnati.

New meters are mounted on existing meter housing and posts, making for efficient installation. The meters' illuminated display will show exactly what time the meter expires, and they're solar powered.

The meters also still provide visitors with 10 minutes of free parking: Visitors simply press any button on the keypad before inserting their card or coins.

All of the new meters are expected to be installed by the end of summer. Installation will begin on the eastern side of Downtown and move west.

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