FOX19 to help build Habitat for Humanity House

Big smiles Sunday at 1219 Lincoln St. in Walnut Hills--Habitat for Humanity's newest project in Cincinnati.

Over the next few months, this once great home will regain some of it's former glory. She'll also get a new owner: Nicole Benson.

"I am overexcited. I am kind of out of words to say, I really don't know. I am super excited for my family and everybody to help build, and this is going to be a great opportunity," says Benson.

Nicole and her two sons will help volunteers rehab the inside of the home these next few weeks. This home is the third of seven rehab projects for Habitat for Humanity in Cincinnati this year.

"Our intent is to bring in this back so that it still fits in the community," says Director Ed Lee.

FOX19 employees will also be a part of this rehab, contributing sweat and doing stories about the transformations taking place inside this house.

"We're gonna really see what a difference it makes in somebody's life from what it looks like now to what it will look like probably towards the end of the fall" says General Manager Bill Lanesey.

It's a new project for FOX19's new balanced news focus.In a way, this house is out of balance now, lacking walls and life, but in a few short weeks it will have a purpose. It's a house that will have become a home.

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