Mike Allen considers run for Cincinnati city council

Mike Allen says, if he returns to public life, he'd like to do it on Cincinnati city council. He says, he's lived downtown for over five years, and knows what it's like to run a business in the city limits.

"We have to make sure that we keep our larger businesses here as well, and create a business friendly atmosphere. The other issue that is of paramount importance and always is, is public safety. And that is where I think I can make a real contribution," say Allen.

Allen says he's deciding right now if he'll run for the city council. He also says when he does, he's prepared to face voter questions about his past. Allen left the Hamilton County prosecutor's office in disgrace due to a sex scandal involving a woman in his office. He says he's ready to be candid with voters who ask him about that part of his life.

"I just would hope that people would judge my entire record. Having said that, I fully understand that people would judge that as an issue that voters will look it. I fully understand that it is something that political opponents will comment upon," says Allen.

Since leaving the prosecutor's office, Allen has become a criminal defense attorney and weighed in on high profile cases for FOX19 like the Ryan Widmer trial and the Cheryl McCafferty case.

But if he does run, Allen will be doing so as an independent. The Republican party declined to endorse him this time around.

"We endorsed our candidates earlier this year, and Mike's coming into the race late. And we feel like we have a really good slate of candidates right now," says Alex Triantafilou.

Meanwhile, the Hamilton County Democratic party's line is that Allen's candidacy is interesting.

"Mike obviously has name recognition, but not all of that recognition is good. He had an issue that caused him to leave the prosecutors office, and he's going to have to relive all of that," says Tim Burke.