New police chief: "We will do phenomenal things in this city"

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati's new police chief James Craig was formally introduced Tuesday morning at City Hall.

Craig said he was excited to be in Cincinnati and that together with his staff, would do "phenomenal things" in the city.

"I'm ready to hit the ground running," he said.

Craig comes to Cincinnati from Portland, Maine where he has served as police chief since 2009. He was born in Detroit and started his 31 year law enforcement career in 1977.

While Craig spent 28 years of his career in Los Angeles, he did a lot of work in helping to curb street gang violence there.

"We have an issue with homicides and an issue with shootings that need assistance," said Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney.

Dohoney said he hopes that Craig can work to make Cincinnati "crime free."

"I am no stranger to the challenges here," said Craig. "We will work together on abating violence in this city....the best way to do this is develop our young people, those who are in the front lines of this department."

He said he wants to be held accountable for what he says he's going to do.

"Hold me accountable. Hold me accountable for making a difference," he said. "At the end of the day, I'm concerned with one thing. Did we make a difference?"

Craig has been in town for last few days visiting the city. He said he has one complaint.

"The dew points and the humidity are wreaking havoc on me," he said.

Craig is the first black chief in Cincinnati Police history and the first chief from outside of the city. He'll be sworn in on August 2 at Cincinnati State.

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