Local veterans worry about benefits

It's a small, tight group that gathers on Tuesday afternoons at the VFW hall near Colerain Avenue.

It's also a vocal group, and lately talk has turned to the ongoing debt crises in Washington.

"They say they are for the little guy, but I don't see it," says veteran Tom Mahoney.

This group of friends has a message for congressional leaders: shape up and stop putting veterans benefits up for the chopping block when talk turns to the debt ceiling debate.

"My message to Congress is get off your butt and do something and quit playing politics and get down to real work," says Tom.

You see, everyone in this room has served our country in some way and each says the benefits they receive as veterans are very important to them.

"The veterans benefits are helping me quite a bit. I mean, these glasses I am wearing are from the Veterans administration," says Daniel Stahl.

Daniel doesn't want to think about a time when he wouldn't be able to get the things he might need help getting. He and others at this VFW, want a deal to be reached soon.

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