Firefighters battle extreme heat

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - In extreme heat, a firefighters body temperature can get up to 107 degrees. Those temperatures can be dangerous for many firefighters.

"I have been on several scenes over the years where you get firefighters working on a hot day and they come out and they're done, they're physically spent," said Captain Michael Douglas with the West Chester Fire Department.

On hot days, once a firefighter exits a building they go into a rehab phase.

"We get them cold towels put them on their neck and their head, that allows their brains to start cooling down and lets their bodies to start getting down to a normal body temperature," said Douglas.

Firefighters say hot days are just part of the job.

"They know what the temperatures are in the areas they live in, they're use to it and take it as part of their job," said Douglas. "That's just the conditions we have to work under."

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