WHAT'S WORKING: Warren County keeps budget balanced

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Warren County is not in deficit spending and has not had to lay off any county employees this year. County commissioners report the county has a $22 million net carry over from the previous fiscal year.

"We only spend what we bring in," said David Young, Warren County Commissioner. "If you don't put yourself in a hole, then when things get tight you can work yourself out of it."

The county's responsible money management has a trickle down effect to municipalities within the county.

"We work with the county directly with inspections, we share costs with the municipal court and prosecutor cost. And if they weren't fiscally responsible, those fees would be higher and therefore transfer over to our constituents." said Matthew Rodriguez, City of Lebanon council member.

The county has some big ticket items to pay for including a new emergency communication system and an expansion to the court of common pleas building. County officials say their financial situation will help ease the burden of paying for those items.

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