Study: Binge drinking in Butler County ranks above nation

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A new study says Butler County has a binge drinking problem; according to the Health Foundation of greater Cincinnati, 23 percent of Butler County adults reported binge drinking within a month of the survey -- the national average is 15 percent, and greater Cincinnati is at 19 percent of adults. The definition of binge drinking is five or more drinks at one sitting for men, four or more for women.

"I think we've been seeing gradually over time, an increase in binge drinking," said John Bohley of the Butler County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board.
Don Ryan, owner of Ryan's Tavern in Hamilton says hearing those statistics, he's glad his staff is already vigilant when it comes to serving drinks to patrons.
"We're very strict on watching people and making sure that when they reach their limit that we cut them off," Ryan said.
Bohley says this was the first year they financed for the Health Foundation to directly sample Butler County instead of being lumped together with the entire region, but he say it's important to factor in the margin of error, which was more than five percent.
"Binge drinking is prevalent in Butler County, as well as in the nation, but we need to be a little be cautious because the study done locally involved a small sample with a relatively large margin of error," Bohley said.
Bohley hopes the study will create a broadened awareness of the different types of alcohol abuse in the county.
"We need to focus not just on people with alcoholism, but on the broader group of people who in engage in some form of risky use of alcohol," Bohley said.
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