Gov Kasich answers tough questions on abortion & concealed carry

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - "The country, little by little, is beginning to realize that the sun is coming-up in Ohio, not going down," said Ohio Governor John Kasich, addressing a select audience of local business leaders at the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce Thursday.

Governor Kasich was in town, telling local business leaders that the State is headed in the right direction.

Kasich made a stop to the Queen City, to talk about the 56-billion-dollar budget he signed last week.

The 32-hundred page budget privatized 5 formerly State-run Prisons, overhauled Medicaid and banned most abortions in public hospitals, tied teachers pay more closely to student achievement, as well as eliminates the Estate Tax in 2013.

FOX19 is committed to 'Balanced News' and covering all sides of a story, which includes asking tough questions of our local leaders.

There were two issues on our mind. First, the just-signed Concealed Carry Weapons Law.

Second, the Ohio Abortion Bill, sitting on the governor's desk right now.

Life for Governor John Kasich is good, eyeing a budget surplus, only half a year in office.

"We did not go out and spend money," Kasich said. "We have a quarter of a billion dollars in our rainy-day fund, we had zero six months ago."

He let the Cincinnati business community know, his administration is here to use those funds to work with them.

"Between G.E. and the CBC and The Chamber and everybody else, you're trying to drive real health care reform," Kasich cheerleaded. "We're gonna be your partner."

In a brief one-on-one, we asked the Governor about the Ohio Abortion Bill on his desk right now.

"I will be signing that yes," he said.

"You're Pro-Life and some people say that the Government shouldn't decide what a mother does with her baby, how do you respond to that?," we asked.

"We're Pro-Life and I think we joined, like one of 38 other states that have done this," Kasich answered. "I think it's appropriate."

"You've also signed Ohio's Carry Reform Bill, and there are some people worried, that someone's going to walk into a bar carrying and drink, which would be illegal, and then fire their weapon. What do you think of that?," we asked.

"Look, if a business person feels as though they want to be able to control their environment there, they can post a sign, and they can keep people out," Kasich answered.

How can you enforce it, if you can't see the weapon?," we asked.

"I don't worry about law-abiding people carrying guns," Kasich said. "I worry about people who are not law-abiding carrying guns and putting those that don't have them at risk. I signed the bill, it speaks for itself."

The always-candid Governor told the Chamber, there are lots of exciting projects in the works.

And that yes, the rest of the country is slowly beginning to realize, that the sun is coming-up in Ohio, not going down.

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