Facebook friends of Ohio animal sanctuary build barn

The Stackhouse Barn nearly completed.
The Stackhouse Barn nearly completed.
The siding being hung on the Stackhouse Barn
The siding being hung on the Stackhouse Barn
Crews work to put on the roof of the Stackhouse Barn
Crews work to put on the roof of the Stackhouse Barn
The posts are up, waiting on the siding of the Stackhouse Barn
The posts are up, waiting on the siding of the Stackhouse Barn

PICKAWAY COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Social media has become a necessity for many organizations around the world. For one Ohio non-profit organization, Facebook is the reason they were able to build a barn to house the many rescued abused animals in Ohio.

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Ohio SPCA) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. The farm sanctuary is located in Pickaway County and is operated solely by donations. The sanctuary is home to more than 100 formerly abused and unwanted animals.

The Ohio SPCA has made great improvements in the lives of animals, especially with rural county dog pound reform throughout Ohio, and has made it a goal to educate people and local officials about animal abuse and neglect prevention. The Ohio SPCA reaches out to save animals across the state of Ohio that are abused and neglected.

It has been the dream of volunteers with the Ohio SPCA to build a barn for these animals, but because they rely solely on donations, the funds were just not there. So they reached out to the nearly 5,000 Facebook friends on the Ohio SPCA Facebook page.

"The power of this social network can't be denied," said Teresa Landon, executive director.

Many Facebook friends came forward and donated the much-needed money for the new barn. However, the Ohio SPCA was still $10,000 short until Diana Stackhouse of Arkansas found out and generously made up the difference. The new barn will be named after Diana.

"The old barn was dilapidated, had no electric and was too small to house all the animals," said Landon. "Now we will have enough room for everyone, including our special needs animals and new animals in need."

Although, The Stackhouse Barn will be completed within a few days, funds are urgently needed to complete the inside walls and partitions and run electric and water to the barn.

"The animals are ready and waiting," said Landon. "We are grateful for all the help we have received, but there are still mountains to climb before the animals can occupy the new barn. The cost of installing electric and water is costly. Additionally, sponsors and/or donations are needed for the sheep, pygmy goats, special needs, and quarantine areas. All donations are tax-deductible and will make a huge difference in the lives of many animals."

Although the goal right now is to raise the funds for the new barn, donations are always needed. The veterinarian bills total thousands of dollars every month. Feed for the animals is also very expensive and they need about $3,000 just for hay this winter.

Monthly sponsorship opportunities are available as well; many animals will remain in the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

For more information on the Ohio SPCA go to www.ohiospca.org, call 740-420-2984, or email ohiospca@frontier.com.

If you don't have the money to help this organization but you have skills that would help build the barn, you are needed, as well. Volunteers are welcome to help with farm work: mowing, weed whacking, animal care and building shelters. Right now they are looking for electricians and carpenters.

The list of items they need right now is long, but any donations will be accepted.

  • Lumber
  • Cat litter
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Canned dog and cat food
  • Horse harnesses and leads
  • Goat fence
  • Hay
  • Rubber water hoses
  • Plastic kiddie pools
  • Heatable water toughs
  • Wet/dry vac
  • Dehumidifier
  • ATV

Donations can be made through Paypal (ohiospca@frontier.com), snail mail, or monthly by clicking here.

About OhioSPCA

"Teaching Awareness, Respect, and Kindness" Every humane organization dreams of the day when cruelty to animals can be reduced to the point of elimination. The Ohio SPCA (formerly known as the Ohio Humane Education Association) was formed in 1983 to help bring this dream to reality through humane education.

The Ohio SPCA and the ASPCA

The Ohio SPCA is located and operates strictly in Ohio. We are not affiliated with the ASPCA which is based in New York. While we appreciate the publicity brought to helping abused animals by the ASPCA media campaign and television show on Animal Planet, many people mistakenly believe we are one and the same and the donation will be passed on to us. This is not the case. We are the ones in the trenches in Ohio, fighting for the animals.

Ohio SPCA Goals

  • To extend to present and future generations humane education, which will lead to an awareness of the need for people to be responsible and kind stewards over animals.
  • To intercede on behalf of animals and bring about change to situations and practices in which cruelty, neglect, or unnecessary suffering exists.
  • Those of us involved in Ohio SPCA believe that many people are unaware of inhumane practices and the suffering that many animals are forced to endure. No one likes to talk about pain, suffering, and death, but change can't take place unless the facts are presented to the public. Adults and children must be educated about problems such as pet overpopulation, factory farming, and animal experimentation. Once they know and understand what has been hidden from them, a percentage of these people will at least speak out against the inhumanity or actively decide to help.

Simple Ways to Help

  • Spay or neuter your dog or cat
  • Report cases of cruelty you see to your local Department of Animal Control
  • Volunteer to help with a local animal rescue
  • Donate animal care supplies (such as dog/cat food, litter, toys and treats, flea medication)
  • Become a vegetarian
  • Look for cruelty-free products when shopping (such as household cleaners and cosmetics)
  • Teachers may tell students in their classrooms in the hope that one child will remember the message and not only carry it home, but throughout life with them.

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