Jeff Ruby blasts verdict of Casey Anthony trial in Orlando newspaper

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Restaurateur Jeff Ruby took out a half page ad in the Orlando Sentinel Saturday saying the people of Orlando got the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial wrong. FOX19 spoke with Jeff Ruby and asked about his motivation for placing the ad.

Ruby kept it short and simple using the words "Orlando Justice" and "Unreasonable Doubt" in his newspaper ad.

"I had to put Orlando Justice because it happened in Orlando and I wanted that OJ connection to draw attention to what a farce this was," said Ruby.

A farce and a family feud, according to Ruby, between Casey Anthony and her parents. Ruby watched the entire trial and could not believe the verdict.

"They spent less than a day deliberating thousands and thousands of pages of evidence and unreasonable doubt needs to be redefined," he said.

Calling it an unreasonable verdict, Ruby says his reason behind the ad is personal.

"I've been upset ever since my wife's little brother was murdered, he was like a son to me, sat through that trial in '93 and listen to a lawyer lie about that murder."

Ruby says that man was convicted but is set to get out in eight years which makes him doubt the legal system and question the jurors in the Anthony trial.

"The jury was not going to be a jury that was going to convict her in the first place so and most experts said this is not a good jury for the prosecution."

Ruby would not say how much he paid to place the ad.

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