Firefighter taken to hospital after battling house fire

FORT THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - A firefighter was sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion after battling a 5 alarm house fire in Fort Thomas.

Flames broke out at a home on Indiana Avenue just before 11 a.m. Neighbors realized what was happening and were concerned someone was inside. Crews with Fort Thomas, Bellevue, Newport and Southgate all responded to the fire.

Firefighters were only able to be inside the building for 10 minutes at a time. One firefighter was taken to the hospital after overheating. He received IV fluids. Others doused themselves with water bottles, held ice packs on their necks, and took advantage of an air-conditioned TANK bus that arrived.

The family had moved out of the home, so no one was at the home when the fire broke out.

The home is a total loss. The fire is still under investigation.

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