Patrons battle heat at Warren County Fair

The fans are in full force at the Warren County Fair, as patrons try to keep themselves cool  in the dangerously hot temperatures.
Fairboard members say this is one of the hottest county fairs they can remember, but they're prepared to provide some relief.
"We're well prepared, we have an air conditioned grandstands people can go upstairs, they can rest in that during the day if they get too hot, we have medical people on the premises 24/7," said Ron Hurtt of the Warren County Fairboard.
It's not just patrons that need relief, they're also keeping a close eye on the hundreds  of show animals being kept in barns.
"Try to keep them under fans, and try to rinse them down a couple times a day just to keep their body temperatures at a good level where they don't escalate,  being under the shade helps also," said Jeff McCary.
"They won't survive the fair, they have to have their water, they have to make sure they keep them cool," Hurtt said.
Kayla Fry and Jeanette Moin spent they day cooling off their cattle with water before preparing to show them at the fair.
"Whenever they're thirsty or when ever they look like they're thirsty, we try to give them something to drink," Fry said.
"We have the fans, and then we have this blower that has a hose connected to it," Moin said.
Tickets to the Warren County Fair are $8/person, and the fair runs until Saturday, some of this year's highlights are the National Tractor Pull and Hot Air Balloon Lift-off.

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