New playgrounds funded by Butler County voters open to public

There's a new place for summer fun, funded by the voters of Butler County.

"We love it," said Angelena Ruskin who took her children to one of the new playgrounds Tuesday afternoon.
Even amid the relentless heat, Metroparks newest playgrounds are getting high marks from parents and kids alike, but park officials  say the thanks goes to the voters.
"It wouldn't have been possible at all if it weren't for the passage of the half mill levy back in November of last year, one of the promises that we made were capital projects and improvements in our existing parks," said Jason Boerger of Metroparks of Butler County.
As promised, residents can now enjoy the new playground at Voice of America Park as well as a new playground at Forest Run in Hamilton.
"This is just another fun thing for the kids to do when we come to lake, they love getting to be able to run around," said park-goer, Michelle Boerger.
The 200,000 project includes a three story tower, handle bars, a climbing wall,  as well as a protective surface at both parks that's kid friendly for play time.
"Kind of a squishy, rubber surface that can have a wheel chair roll on it or a stroller," Boerger said.
The two new parks officially opened on Tuesday. 

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