Family comes forward alleging nursing home neglect

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - The family of another alleged victim has come forward following the announcement of a civil complaint being brought against the Villaspring Health Care and Rehabilitation in Erlanger, Ky.

"You can look at the place like I did on TV and you will see a place that looks beautiful," Sherry Miracle said. "God it looks awesome, it looks wonderful. But looks can be deceiving from what's behind."

Miracle and her sister Debbie Cook were happy to hear of the recent complaint filed against Villaspring.

"I was like 'cool'," Cook said."Finally somebody's going to do something about this place."

Their own mother had been at Villaspring back in 2010 just one of two options they say they had since their mom was on dialysis.

"We liked Villaspring as far as very, very nice for my mom," Cook admitted. "We didn't want to put her in something we would think was a dump."

"When you put someone in a place like that you expect, you assume, that they're going to be taken care of," Miracle said.

They say in less than 24 hours, however, their mom took a life-altering fall.

"She said, 'You're mom's all settled in, she in the bed and relaxed, she's good,'" Cook recanted.

Minutes later though, they say they went inside her room to find Bernice Davidson on the ground with a gash to the head.

"Before I hit the door I heard [my sister] scream 'Mom' and she was laying in a puddle of blood," Cook recalled.

Miracle says the facility staff had not placed their mother in a bed as they had been told, but rather had left her sitting in a chair.

"It was very much neglect," Miracle argued. "Because if you had told me my mom was in a chair I would have been in there in a flat second."

"It was like just after that everything started happening, she went downhill bad," Cook said.

After a 60 day hospital stay, their mom was back at Villaspring where Sherry claims the neglect due to under-staffing continued.

"We'd go in and find her in dirty diapers, not being given any water, being fed, anything," Cook said. "It was just like they didn't take care of her at all. "

When asked why they did not move their mother out of the facility to another location, the sisters said they simply did not feel that was an option.

"I didn't think at that point it would be any better than what she was already in," Cook said.

"With my mom having dialysis we didn't have any other options but two places," Miracle added. "The other place …I wouldn't put my dog there."

In June of 2010 Bernice Davidson died of kidney failure.

"It's just very hard to lose your mom," Cook said in tears.

"I do blame them for neglecting her," Miracle said. "I don't think they killed her."

"They need to pay for what they've done," Cook said emphatically. "I'm not saying they caused my mom's death or that's why she died, it contributed."

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