Happy Villaspring residents respond to lawsuit

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - Three women spoke with FOX19 Tuesday in response to a civil complaint filed against the Villaspring nursing home in Erlanger.

All three had different histories and none of them had met each other. Additionally, none of them had any horrific complaints about the care they witnessed at Villaspring.

"We checked several facilities out before we decided this is where she needed to be," said Darlene Hemingway, who checked her mother-in-law in at Villaspring.

"I did," she said. "My mother-in-law, she's passed now."

That was back in 2008.

"We couldn't have asked for anything better," Hemingway said. "We felt very comfortable leaving her here."

That was also one year after the allegations.

She said she never say any instance of medicine not being given.

"We did not see (news reports) but we would have never even guessed there would have been a report out there like that," she said.

"This is my second visit here," Helen Wilson said. "I was here a year ago."

Wilson had hip replacement surgery, but needed rehab twice. She's getting around in a wheelchair, until she can learn to walk all over again.

"My goal is to get this leg moving," she said. "So I can go back to my home."

Wilson said she chose Villaspring because of their good reputation for rehab in her community.

"To the families," Wilson said, referring to those in the civil suit and those considering nursing home care. "You have put your loved one in our care, to do something that you are unable to do."

This is coming from a former RN, who worked 13 years in a Northern Kentucky nursing home.

It's that trust she now has to put in Villaspring nurses.

"I have had nothing but good to say about this place," said Jane Crutchfield, who visits Villaspring daily.

"My husband is a patient here," she explained. "I've seen the reports but I didn't know they existed before that and it just seems extremely unfair to me."

Crutchfield did her homework before selecting Villaspring.

"I had already been to five other places, and it was such a relief to come in and find a place that almost seemed like home," she said.

The nursing home Administrator said they called the families of all 130 residents at Villaspring, as news of this new suit spread.

They said each family's response was, 'What can I do to help?'

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