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Sex offender arrested for stealing from blind cashier at courthouse deli

Reese Philpot (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office) Reese Philpot (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Hamilton County Courthouse Deli Hamilton County Courthouse Deli

A man is arrested after stealing from the blind cashier at the Hamilton County Courthouse deli on Tuesday.

According to police, Reese Philpot, 58, of Cincinnati, walked into the Courthouse Deli and asked Kent Parker, the visually impaired owner of the deli, to give him change for a $5 bill, when in fact, Philpot gave him a $1 bill.

Parker gave Philpot four quarters and four dollar bills. When Parker went to make change for the next customer, that customer was short changed and told Parker that he handed her a $1 bill instead of a $5.

Sheriff Deputies were immediately notified and the surveillance video was reviewed. According to police, the video clearly showed Philpot presenting the $1 bill and receiving change for a $5 bill.

At the time of the theft, Philpot was picking up trash and cleaning outside of the courthouse as part of his community service requirements for his probation.

Philpot is a registered sexual predator. He was indicted in January 2010 for being in violation of his sex offender registration duties. He didn't notify the Sheriff's Office about his change of address.

Philpot was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with one count of theft of a visually impaired victim; a 5th degree felony. He was taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center to await arraignment.

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