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Jeff Ruby to run three more ads after first one on Casey Anthony draws support


Support is pouring in from across the country for Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby.

Ruby said he's received hundreds of phone calls, emails, and even been the subject of numerous blogs after placing a newspaper advertisement in the Orlando Sentinel on the Casey Anthony verdict.

The half page ad ran in the newspaper on Saturday. It compared the Anthony trial to the O.J. Simpson trial, and only contains a few words, including: "Orlando Justice and "Unreasonable Doubt." The first letters "O" and "J" in the words Orlando Justice were capitalized and in bold print. Back in 2007, Ruby refused to serve Simpson, and asked him to leave his steakhouse in Louisville. Simpson was acquitted of double murder in 1995.

Ruby admits reaction from the public has been mixed.

Ruby told FOX19 he initially planned to pull his second ad because of the negative reaction, but he said he quickly changed his mind. Ruby said positive phone calls and emails started coming in by the hundreds. Now, he's planning on running three more ads in newspapers in Orlando, Louisville and Cincinnati on Thursday.

Ruby said the Koepkes from Florida felt so strongly about his ad that they made reservations at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse downtown on Wednesday night for a chance to meet him.

"{The ad} was great," said John Koepke. "Especially with the conjunction of "O" and "J." It could not have been better."

The Koepkes were already planning a trip to the Queen City.

"We were googling who has the best steakhouse close to the hotel we're staying at and Jeff Ruby popped up and then the whole can of worms popped up," said Koepke. "Is this the same guy that did the ad down in Orlando? And we're like we have got to go there!"

Ruby said reaction was cooked up from around the country. He said most feedback from people from outside of the Tri-State was positive. However, Ruby said the majority of phone calls and emails from locals was negative.

Still, Ruby said he did the right thing.

"This verdict was more surprising than the O.J. verdict," said Ruby. "O.J. That wasn't a murder trial. That was jury nullification. That had to do with the whole issue of racism. That had nothing to do with the trial. {The Casey Anthony trial} was not a murder trial. This was the debut of family feud in Orange County."

Koepke's wife Sally agreed with Ruby.

"I spoke to my mom about it, and she's like I know who that guy is," said Sally Koepke. "So she knew exactly, and was like, 'That's great!'"

Ruby would not say how much he paid for the ad.

"You can call any paper and they tell you how much a half page costs," Ruby said.

We did.

The Orlando Sentinel wouldn't tell FOX19 the price of Ruby's ad. Sally Gibbons, a general advertisement and sales representative for the Orlando Sentinel, said the general price of a half-page, black and white advertisement, running on a Saturday in the newspaper costs $24,381.

Gibbons said prices do vary.

As far as the advertisements that are running on Thursday, Ruby would only tell FOX19 that they are completely different than the one that ran on Saturday. He said the new ads are not about the verdict, and are all positive ads that are aimed at trying to ensure something positive comes out of this situation.

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