Air conditioning repairmen in high demand

EVENDALE, OH (FOX19) - It's the warmest week of 2011 in Cincinnati and Thompson Heating and Cooling has received hundreds of phone calls for air conditioning repairs.

"We tend to run about 60 to 65 calls per day, lately we have been running around 80 to 90 per day," said Amanda Miller with Thompson Heating and Cooling. "It's been pretty crazy around here."

Air conditioning repairmen have a full schedule throughout the day trying to keep up with the call volume. Many repairmen are working well into the evening hours, sometimes pulling 14 to 16 hour shifts.

"A lot of the time they are not in the office because we are so busy," said Miller. "Unless they have to come get a part or do some work in here, they're mostly on they road all day."

Experts say an annual inspection on your air conditioning unit is important and can be done for under $100.

"Preventative maintenance keeps you from having more costly repairs down the road, also it keeps your unit running like new," said Miller. "It gets all the dirt and mildew out and all the grim so their air can flow through your home more efficiently."

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