11 arrested during prostitution sting in Hamilton

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) -- Eleven people have been arrested after a prostitution bust in Hamilton.

"If you're someone who's out here, and you think it's a victimless crime, think again," said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.
Jones says he has received numerous complaints from Hamilton residents about blatant prostitution in the streets.
"We get written complaints, we get phone complaints, we get walk-in complaints, I've seen the prostitutes," Jones said.

The sheriff orchestrated an operation that targeting areas where not only females were attempting to solicit males for sex, but also targeted males attempting to pick up females, Jones says a majority of the activity is driven by drug use.

"A lot of these people that we arrest have crack addiction,  they're stealing everybody blind, they can't get enough of the drugs, and they've go to do something for their drug habit," Jones said.

Undercover officers talked to females on the streets and within minutes the females would make offers for sexual activity. Eight females were taken to the Butler County Jail, community member say prostitution on the city's East side has gotten worse.

"A lot of the prostitutes are actually younger, I'm seeing not just females prostitutes but also male prostitutes now too," said Cathy Hester, Executive Director of Living Water Ministries, a non-profit outreach group in Hamilton.

Undercover female investigators were also placed in the street, resulting in the arrests of three men wanting sexual activity.

"I think any efforts to eliminate prostitution here in the 4th ward of Hamilton is something to support," Hester said.

All are charged with soliciting, a misdemeanor. Those arrested include: Tiffany Castle, 23, of Hamilton; Peggy Whitaker, 43, of Hamilton; Amy Webster, 22, of Hamilton; Ashley Wheeler, 21, of Fairfield; Connie Proffit, 48, of Hamilton; Victoria Dickens, 20, of Hamilton; Christina Riley, 35, of Hamilton; Clifton Turner, 68, of Hamilton; Zachary Parsons, 23, of Hamilton and Adam Simon, 32, of Hamilton.

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