WHAT'S WORKING: Florence Father protects his family; his home

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - One Florence father took matters into his own hands to protect his family. It worked for him, but FOX19 does not recommend that anyone else try this at home.

Jeff Horstman said he can't bare to look outside his own window.

"If you were to do what we did and go to Google and say, how to tell if you neighbor is, and you get to the "N -E" and Google says drug dealer, and all of the symptoms," said Horstman. "If you're trying to diagnose an illness, all of the symptoms are there."

About a year ago, Horstman said he diagnosed his illness.

Horstman told Fox19 that he believes his neighbor sold drugs. He said visitors constantly stopped by the house where Henry Godman lived. Horstman said that his family fears for their safety. Horstman said it had become such an issue, that he started confronting the visitors.

"They said they were there to deliver cigarettes," said Horstman. "License plate that I photographed was from Carroll County. So you're halfway from Louisville at one o'clock in the morning, in the rain, to deliver somebody's cigarettes? Yeah, I believe that."

The Horstmans said they called and wrote police, the Boone County Sheriffs Office, and even Mayor of Florence, but couldn't get a response or any peace.

"I've been here for going on eight years," said Stephanie Horstman. "My parents had the house before me, and nothing like this has ever happened."

The family then snapped into action. They took photographs of visitors and their cars, logged the dates and times of those visits, and even posted signs.

When FOX19 called Florence police three months ago, they told us that they knew about the issue and were looking into it, but couldn't respond officially until an arrest had been made. About two months after that phone call, Godman was arrested. He was sentenced to 240 days behind bars for three counts of drug trafficking.

Florence Police Captain Cloyd said he understands the Horstmans' frustration, but adds that these issues take time to investigate.

"You know, someone calls up and says, 'I'm having problems with someone running a stop sign,'" said Capt. Linny Cloyd. "Well, you can go out and do immediate enforcement with that. In narcotics, you have to have somebody, just based on the courts, you have to have somebody to be able to say, 'I've purchased narcotics from this person or that person.' You have to do it a few times."

Godman is set to be released on September second. The Horstmans said that they hope the activity won't pick back up, but if it does, they said that they'll do the same thing.

Police said that while the approach seems to have worked for the Horstmans, don't try this at home. If you're facing a similar issue, Capt. Cloyd said you should call police immediately. They're trained and paid to handle these situations.

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