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Diana Frey formally ousted as CODE president

Diana Frey Diana Frey

Diana Frey is officially no longer president of CODE, the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees union. The board voted to oust Frey Thursday afternoon after she was indicted for allegedly embezzling $757,000, dating back to 2005.

But she's not gone from the leadership completely.

CODE's attorney, Bill Gustafson, says the membership, should it choose to remove Frey from the board, will then vote for a person to take her place as president.

That president will serve until the October 26th meeting. At that time, a formal election vote will happen. 

Gustafson also says CODE leadership is taking a look at finances and is reviewing how dues and other money is handled by the board.

"I think it's fair to say that the board of Code and I am sure the new board, will work on this. And it will be to develop what they believe to be appropriate checks and balances," says Gustafson.

In addition to all this,Ursula McDonnell, head of labor relations for the city of Cincinnati, says her department's investigating Diana Frey's time as an employee of MSD, a department for the city of Cincinnati.

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