Judge: Mayor Mallory's car allowance not part of compensation

A Hamilton County judge has ruled that Mayor Mark Mallory's health insurance benefits and car allowance do not count as compensation.

Judge Norbert Nadel filed the ruling Friday morning.

Mallory filed a lawsuit in May to determine whether or not the benefits and allowance were perks or part of his salary.

Nadel's ruling says that under the Charter of the City of Cincinnati, benefits and allowance are not compensation. In the ruling, the judge states "...it should be pointed out  that giving an allowance for a car is undoubtedly less of a burden on the taxpayers than the City owning and maintaining a vehicle for the mayor's use."

The anti-tax group COAST received word that Mallory was receiving a car allowance and threatened to sue to stop the payments. They claimed the payments were an illegal addition to the mayor's $121,000 salary.

Nadel granted the mayor's motion for a judgement on the pleading, which will be held Aug. 2 at 1 p.m.

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