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Committee organized to find short-term solutions for Brent Spence Bridge

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Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young has been asked by the Bridge Builders Committee of the OKI Regional Council of Governments to chair a task force dedicated to finding short-term solutions to the multiple safety issues with the Brent Spence Bridge.

"This bridge is easily the most dangerous quarter-mile of highway in our region," Councilman Young said. "We need to get the various stakeholders together in a room and find some practical, reasonable solutions to these problems. I'm both pleased and proud to be able to move forward on these issues as expediently as possible."

Young said that he intended for the Brent Spence Safety Commission to meet bi-weekly until it has agreed upon the most beneficial and feasible options, which they will then bring before the Bridge Builders Committee.

"It's my goal to develop a workable plan—and hopefully have it implemented—by Labor Day," Young continued. "That weekend is one of the nation's busiest for travel, and I would hate to think that potentially-fatal accidents could have been avoided if we had just taken action earlier. I heard many good ideas today, and I'm confident that we can get this done."

Members of the sub-committee include: Robert Koehler, Deputy Executive Director of OKI; Chris Bortz, Cincinnati City Councilman; Steve Stevens, President and CEO of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce; Charles Norris, Chief of the Covington Fire Department; Mike Yeager, Assistant City Engineer of the Covington Department of Public Improvements; and Sherry Carran, Covington City Commissioner.

One idea the committee members will discuss is using traffic lane lights similar to the ones used on the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge.

"I think something like that could be implemented fairly quickly and it's going to have a cost to it but not nearly the cost of other ideas that have been discussed," said Carran.

"Everybody's budgets are struggling right now but I think because of the severity of the issue, the safety, I think the funds will be found."

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