One of area's oldest cemeteries under renovation

COLUMBIA TUSCULUM, OH (FOX19) - One of Cincinnati's most historically significant pioneer sites is taking another step toward restoration.

Cincinnati Preservation Association (CPA) is joining with a group of volunteers to advance the documentation and preservation of Presbyterian-Fulton-Fulton Mechanicks Cemetery in Columbia Tusculum. This cemetery contains the remains of some of Cincinnati's earliest settlers, including veterans of the Revolutionary War.

A group of professionals are using magnetic field imaging and ground-penetrating radar to locate graves and identify the cemetery boundaries.

"Cincinnati Preservation Association is grateful for the opportunity to help restore this important cultural landscape," said Paul Muller, Executive Director of CPA.  "While protecting historic buildings is our central focus, protecting valuable historic landscapes has always been part of the mission."

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the cemetery consists of three adjacent but distinct burial grounds. The name "Fulton" is derived from the nearby riverside community of the same name, now part of the East End.

The cemetery dates to 1794 and is the final resting place of at least six Revolutionary War veterans. Veterans buried there are believed to include Sgt. William Brown, the first man to receive a Badge of Military Merit from George Washington. The medal was the forerunner of the Medal of Honor. Burials continued through the 1860s.

After the cemetery fell into disuse in the late 19th century, it was severely vandalized. For many years it was used as a dumping ground. Beginning in the 1920s there have been successive cleanups of the cemetery.

A former rail line adjacent to the site has now been converted to a bike trail, and an interpretive plaque about the cemetery has been installed nearby.

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