The Golden Moment

by Wayne J. Jung for

"You have cancer." It is perhaps the most terrifying three-word phrase ever uttered.

Once you receive the diagnosis, it is always there, lurking in the back of your mind for the rest of your life whether or not the physical presence exists in the body.

Survivors tell you that it helps to talk about it, to confront it and to call it out, but that's not easy either.

Many survivors describe a singular moment during their treatment when they face their fears with all the courage that they can muster and come to grips with their life's "new normal."

It is at both times terrifying and yet calming, but for most it is the beginning of the next chapter in their life…as a cancer survivor.

It is their golden moment.

The JS Foundation has joined with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and FOX19 WXIX-TV as part of the Think Pink breast cancer awareness initiative and together we are presenting stories of inspiration and determination year-round as tri-state residents nominate those survivors who have achieved "The Golden Moment."

It is a three-step program designed to shine the light of hope on cancer survivors, their caregivers, family and friends and in so doing to enlighten, empower and endure.


You nominate your heroes of hope by sharing just a bit of their story, with their permission of course, and telling us of their personal golden moment.


Monthly, FOX19 will chose one special story to tell on-air and on-line during which we'll feature tri-state stories of breast cancer survivors who continue to show courage in the face of this terrible disease and who through their efforts contribute to stopping breast cancer in its tracks.


Live. That's all that anyone can do. Take a breath, take a step, take a moment…and live.

JS Foundation presents "The Golden Moment" will air year-round on the 19th of each month as a standalone news segment in FOX19 Morning News Xtra.

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