Coach charged after being accused of stealing money from youth baseball team

MILFORD,OH (FOX19) - A youth baseball coach has been indicted on theft charges after sheriff's say he stole money from the team for his personal use.

A complaint was filed on behalf of the 11-year-old Cincinnati Yankees Youth Baseball team after the team's finance committee says the coach, Dan Bullard III, 40, resisted to provide documentation regarding the team's finances.

The Clermont County Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation and discovered that Bullard had used the team's bank card for unauthorized ATM cash withdrawals, gas station purchases, meals at restaurants, and four new tires for his personal vehicle.

Because of the monetary loss, the team was not able to participate in a planned tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The team continued to play locally and had a successful regular season.

Some vendors who provided the team with either services or equipment are still seeking payment while Bullard had control over the team's bank account.

Bullard was indicted with grand theft, a felony in the fourth degree, on Wednesday, July 20.

There is no word on when Bullard's next court date is scheduled.

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