Tea Party rallies outside Congressman Boehner's office

A group of Tea Party members are urging US Congressman John Boehner to stand firm with his plan.

They rallied outside Boehner's office Monday afternoon.

In the 90-plus heat, fired-up Tea Party members delivered hundreds of letters to the Congressman, telling him to keep the fire under the Senate and President Obama.

Horns were blaring along Cincinnati-Dayton Road. "Honk to cut spending" and "Honk for a balanced budget," some the signs read. The Tea Party was out supporting Congressman John Boehner.

"I think they're happy to see, for once, we're actually out here in support," laughed Cincinnati Tea Party President Mike Wilson. "We were upset with the outcome of the continuing resolution negotiations, but on this one, he's doing a great job and we want to tell him, keep doing what you're doing."

They're hoping he can help get it done in Washington, without any increase of the debt ceiling.

"Everybody wants to talk about the media narrative is, if we don't raise this debt ceiling on August 2, we're gonna default," Wilson bellowed to the crowd over a loudspeaker. "Is that true?" he asked. "No!" the enthusiastic crowd roared back.

Wilson said there's no reason we should be defaulting.

"We're not going to default," Wilson said emphatically. "Social Security checks are still going to go out, there's plenty of money coming in on a monthly basis to take care of that stuff, but what Obama chooses to pay and not to pay, I don't think anybody wants to own that decision, so yeah, I think they'll get a deal done."

Wilson corralled Tea Party folks from Kentucky, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

"We are not going to default and if we do, it's a political decision that President Barack Obama owns!," Wilson told the crowd.

They collected letters, all containing a singular message to the Congressman.

"We've got hundreds of hand-written letters telling John Boehner, you're doing a good job on these negotiations, stand firm, cut the spending," Wilson said.

"We are in chains now," said Helen Russo of Westwood. "And we will be forever in bondage to the government and that's what we're here to say, we do not want the bondage to the government."

The Tea Party is calling for cut, cap and balance.

"Limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility," said Jay Owens of Northern Kentucky, echoing what the sign next to him said.

"We need to, I think, take control of the situation," Wilson said. "Not let it control us."

In a statement to the media, Tea Party officials wrote, "Our current fiscal path is accelerating toward a cliff. That this is one of their last, real chances they have to apply the brakes, before falling over the edge."

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