CODE starts process of finding Frey's successor

Diana Frey
Diana Frey

Days after their leader was removed and indicted, the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees (CODE) union will start the process to name Diana Frey's successor.

According to CODE by-laws the removal and replacement of a board of director must take place at the same meeting.

However, a request was made to re-open nominations and delay the replacement process.  That request was granted and tonight the nomination committee will be introduced.

Last week Frey was removed as president of the union after being indicted for stealing money from the organization, and now the 800 plus city employees will vote to remove her from the board of directors.

Frey is accused of stealing over $750,000 from the union over the last six years. If convicted Frey could face 20 years in prison and forced to pay a $1.5 million fine, double the amount federal investigators say she stole.

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