Ordinance may increase council term to 4 years

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A new ordinance is on the table in Cincinnati that would increase the term of a city council member to four years.

Council member Laure Quinlivan is calling for the change, saying a two-year term mean an election is always right around the corner, and politicians become more concerned with keeping their jobs than solving the city's problems.

Quinlivan also says that with two year terms, council members rarely take a long-term view of an issue.

"Put this on the ballot so the voters can decide," said Quinlivan. "If we have 4 year terms, we're going to have a much more focused and productive session of work during our terms. We will have time to address the more complex issues."

Another part of the plan would stagger elections, so not all members run the same year.

The idea will be discussed in a public hearing on Monday.

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