Lebanon City Schools to put levy on ballot

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Lebanon voters will be asked to pay a little bit more for the school district in November, after the school board voted unanimously in favor of the levy.

The five year 3.8 mill levy would generate $3 million a year, that means homeowners would pay $116 annually on a $100,000 home.

If the levy fails, officials say the cuts are imminent, such as no busing for the high school or for anyone living within two miles of a school building, as well as a bump in sports participation fees to $500 at the high school, and $350 at the junior high.

"If the schools and the community are not of a high quality, the entire community suffers, the housing market has already dropped significantly and if the schools fail, and if the housing prices drop any more, it will hurt everyone," said Kristina Bicknell who plans to run for the Lebanon City School Board, and has two sons in the district.

Bicknell is already throwing her support behind the levy, saying the district can't afford more cuts and has to come to the voters.

"Getting a 3 mil levy passed, it will help the education of the children, and it will also improve the community, so it's a good value, they did make cuts, and so it's a good compromise for everyone I think," Bicknell said.

"When you have a high percentage of homeowners who owe more on their house than their house is worth, you cannot expect them to vote yes to pay more on their house," said Robert Waters, another candidate for the school board.

Waters says the voters of Lebanon simply can't afford more taxes.

"It just pushes the problem farther down the road, eventually we're going to have to make budget cuts, it's a fact, it will happen, it has to happen," Waters said.

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