Hamilton County JFS releases 'Most Wanted' poster

A new Most Wanted poster featuring nine parents who combined owe nearly half a million dollars in child support payments has been released by Hamilton County Job and Family Services.

The seven men and two women owe more than $488,000 to 18 different children. The person with on the poster with the highest delinquent account is James M. Woodruff, 60, whose last known address was on Iris Avenue in Cincinnati. He owes more than $104,000 to two children.

To appear on a Most Wanted poster, the whereabouts of the absent parent must be unknown and the parent with custody of the children must sign a waiver. In addition, a person must have a child support-related warrant.

"We know these posters work. Last year, the person featured on the poster who owed the most was located and began making payments within weeks of the poster hitting the streets," said Moira Weir, director of the Department of Job and Family Services, which houses the county's Child Support Services Division. "If someone out there knows where these parents can be found, please call the Sheriff's office.

In addition to the new Most Wanted Poster, the agency is planning amnesty for the month of August for those who have had their driver's licenses and professional licenses suspended due to failure to pay child support. Parents can call 946-SETS (7387) to sign agreements for reinstatement and begin paying their support.

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