Petition blitz Friday to fight streetcar

Western Concern and Citizens Against Streetcar Swindle are holding a petition blitz on Friday to fight Cincinnati's proposed streetcar.

The blitz is July 29 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Sears parking lot at the intersection of Werk and Glenway.

Streetcar opponents need 7,400 valid signatures to get an issue on the November ballot that would ban city leaders from considering any form of rail development anywhere in the city for the next 10 years. The deadline to turn in the signatures is Aug. 10.

Opponents say they want the issue on the ballot to show city leaders that they do not support the project.

The City has committed to the streetcar line running from The Banks to Uptown, the area around the University of Cincinnati, hospitals and zoo. Mayor Mark Mallory, a streetcar supporter, said the project will provide $1.4 billion to the city.

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