Cincinnati Zoo is set to open its new Cougar exhibit

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's is opening up their newest exhibit featuring Cougars.

The new exhibit will be home to two young Cougars, named Tecumseh and Joseph. It will be housed outside the Zoo's new attraction, Night Hunters. The exhibit will open Thursday, August 4.

The exhibit will give visitors a chance to see these animals up close. They will be housed in a display depicting their rocky habitats. This will give the animals, who are brothers, a chance to climb rocks and trees in addition to playing in a waterfall and splash pool.

Cincinnati Zoo trainers have worked with the Cougars since they were 8 weeks old and have trained them to use the exhibit to highlight their natural abilities like stalking their prey and jumping large distances.

The Cougar, also known as the Mountain Lion, Puma or Panther, is the largest of the small cats.

The new Cougar exhibit takes the Cincinnati Zoo one step closer to completing its larger Cat Canyon Project. That project is expected to be complete in summer of 2012.

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