Vortex reopens at Kings Island

The Vortex (Source: coastercraze.com)
The Vortex (Source: coastercraze.com)

The Vortex roller coaster at Kings Island has been reopened after it was shut down for almost a month to replace a broken part.

The roller coaster closed during the Fourth of July weekend when a link in the chain that brings the car up broke.

A computer noticed the damage to the chain as it was pulling a car up the hill. The computer automatically stopped the train and exited the passengers safely.

Kings Island said on its Twitter on Friday that the ride has reopened.

You could ride Vortex on Sunday, July 31 if you're headed to Kings Island to participate in an attempt to make the World's Largest Human Awareness Ribbon.

The park is hosting the event at 5 p.m. as part of the second annual Kings Island for the Cure campaign. The current world record was achieved when 3,952 people gathered to form a giant pink human ribbon as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on October 28, 2010, taking the record from a group in Germany of 3,640 in 2007.

Guests planning to participate July 31 can purchase general admission tickets to Kings Island for just $19 online at www.visitkingsisland.com.   Free t-shirts will be given to the first 3,000 participants in the world-record attempt.

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