Teachers protest Speaker Boehner's debt plan

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) -- They were few in number, but protesters say their message reflects the feelings of many.

"I'm looking for lawmakers who will go in there and represent the people, and do what's right and just, and that's what they're not doing right now," said Lydia Morgan, a retired teacher.

About a dozen teachers, business owners and union members rallied outside of Speaker Boehner's  West Chester office Friday, opposing projected cuts to education, Medicare and Social Security.

"Right now it's kind of government by the corporation and not government by the people," said protester, Becky Youngmeyer.

"We just don't want everything put on the backs of middle class Americans, the working people, the teachers, the firemen, the nurses, we want to make sure he understands that he speaks for everybody, not just the wealthy Republicans," said Rich Packert, a Middletown teacher.

Protesters also say they're in favor of the debt ceiling being raised, but say they're against calls from local Tea Party groups for Congress to cut the federal budget by trillions.

"The tea party needs to stop holding the Republican party hostage, and let them negotiate a deal, I'm a registered Republican here in Liberty Township," said Michael Fortman, another protester.

Just last week hundred of tea partiers stood in the same spot outside Boehner's office, urging him to make cuts without raising the debt ceiling.

"We've got hundreds of hand-written letters telling John Boehner, you're doing a good job on these negotiations, stand firm, cut the spending," said Mike Wilson of the Cincinnati Tea Party.

"John Boehner is a businessman, a small businessman, just like I am," said Tom Burkel, a local business owner.

Burkel also supports Boehner and came out to protest the protesters.

"He's the most powerful man in Congress, these people don't believe in what he's doing, I do," Burkel said.

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